2019 MakeX Robotics Competition

2019 MakeX Robotics Competition, themed City Lights, challenges young people to solve real-world problems we may face every day including environmental pollution, food safety, recycling, viral infection and more by applying STEAM concepts.

2019 MakeX Robotics Competition is divided into 4 programs based on different difficulty levels and targeting at various age groups. Teams design, build and program robots to complete different themed missions along their journey and develop innovative-thinking, team-building and problem-solving skills in the learning process.


MakeX Spark – My City

Keywords: 6-18 years old; innovation-orientation; easy access; combination of software and hardware

MakeX Spark is an innovation-oriented robotics hardware competition for young people from 6-18 years old. The theme of the 2019 season is “My City.” Compared with other MakeX programs, MakeX Spark provides both online and offline competitions. Participants can submit their hardware projects to the mBlock community online, saving their times from traveling to the site for competition. Those who achieve excellent results in the online competition have the chance to be promoted  to the global finals offline. This program is limitless in choosing hardware: participants can choose recommended equipment or use their own device.In total, Spark is more flexible for players from different regions or in different conditions to participate in, allowing more young people to enhance their logical thinking abilities and hands-on abilities.

MakeX Starter – City Guardian

Keywords: 6-16 years old; multi-mission design; easy access; collaboration

MakeX Starter is a multitasking competition for young people between 6 to 16 years old, its theme of 2019 Season is “City Guardian.” It is divided into two parts: automatic stage and manual stage. Contestants can improve logical thinking by graphical programming; learn more collaborative strategy by working with their alliance; develop problem solving skills through the implementation of electronic parts, mechanical structure and software programming. The mission design of City Guardian is focusing on encouraging collaboration and communication between two alliances and thus inspiring contestants to develop good social skills from an early age.


MakeX Challenge – Courageous Traveler

Keywords:11-18 years old; confrontation; strategical analysis; logical thinking

MakeX Challenge is a confrontational competition for young people between 11 to 18 years old, its theme of 2019 season is “Courageous Traveler.” In this competition there are two camps: Red alliance and Blue alliance, each one is combined by two teams. During the competition, contestant needs to complete multiple missions in a short time to obtain points, including collecting balls, climbing highland, attacking bottles, etc. Multiple mission design provides more possibilities to build robots and set higher requirements for strategic thinking ability of young people. Taking flag-insertion in the final stage for example, it is a mission that can turn the tide. To conclude, Courageous Traveler is mainly focusing on improving young people’s ability of design, precise control, software programming, and strategy analysis.


MakeX Premier – Strong Alliance

Keywords:14-18 years old; high-antagonism; challenging and exciting tasks

MakeX Premier is a high-antagonism large-scale competition for young people between 14 to 18 years old, its theme of 2019 season is “Strong Alliance”. In this competition there are two camps: Red alliance and Blue alliance, each one is combined by two teams. Robots can knock down the opposing team’s bottles by using two types of balls with different attacking levels and defense with block props.
The MakeX Premier is more exciting and challenging in the aspect of robot construction and strategy exertion. It inspires contestants to modularize the structure and take full advantage of the modification stage, encourage them to enhance communication and sharing with alliances and improve their ability to use high level technology.