MakeX Home Mon, 09 Dec 2019 10:59:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 MakeX, A Bridge for Intercultural Communication Thu, 05 Dec 2019 09:14:38 +0000 Through a robotics competition, what can you harvest?

Maybe most of you would say, we received happiness, friendship or rewards by standing out from other contestants. Now, we would say, MakeX is endowed with a more meaningful symbol—an international cultural exchange platform which is based on the robotics competition.

(We have 45000+ contestants from over 60 counties in 2019 Season)

Consul General Met with Peruvian Team in MakeX

After the successful end of 2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotic Competition World Championship. We are profoundly honored to hear that our contestants from Peru has been invited to Consulate General of Peru in Guangzhou. The Consul General Ivan Silva extended a warm welcome to the contestants and their mentors after their great performance in the Starter Program-City Guardian!

During this cordial meeting, Mr. Silva introduced the long-lasting friendship between China and Peru, as well as the remarkable economic development of China especially within the Greater Bay Area. In addition to the introduction, Mr. Silva paid much care to the personal living and problems of our contestants in Guangzhou. Since these Peruvian teams represented Peru in MakeX World Championship, Mr. Silva prized the contestants with diploma of honor in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Consul General of Panama Greeted Panamanian Team at MakeX Pits Area

Panamanian team was greeted at the Pits Area in MakeX World Championship by Consul General Carlos E. Ching Chun. He highlighted the importance of MakeX Robotics Competition in helping youngsters to experience and learn the robotic technology. Originally, Mr. Chun have fully scheduled his work but when he heard that there was Panamanian team competing in MakeX, he got round to come for a visit of his compatriots and support them to chase the glory.

Although it is only two years after the official establishment of diplomatic ties for China and Panama, the bilateral relationship is continuing to leap forward basing on the mutual respect and cultural exchange with MakeX as the best demonstration!

Consul Generala of Mexico Attended the Opening Ceremony

Comparatively, Cultural Consul of Mexico Daniel Dominguez attended the opening ceremony on 29th, December and eagerly welcomed the Mexican team. During their meeting, Mr. Dominguez genially cared their feelings as well as expectation in MakeX World Championship and took group photos with each team as mementos.

It is widely known that China has maintained a long-standing friendship with amounts of countries in Latin America. Having established diplomatic relationship with China in 1971 and 1972 respectively, Peru and Mexico have been cooperating with our country at a multi-level and comprehensive stage. This year, Lion Dance culture had even been performed to ignite MakeX Robotics Competition held in Mexico, reflecting a close cultural tie between China and Mexico.

(Lion Dance in Mexico)

To be honest. It is a great honor that the MakeX Robotics Competition can serve as a bridge for intercultural exchange on the world stage. Contestants from different countries can not only spread their excellent cultural essence on the competition area of MakeX, but also rich their perspectives about friendship, wining and duty through robotics confrontation. Finally, MakeX provides a marvelous opportunity for foreigners to see the booming innovation of technology in China.

Being here, we understand and trust each other, so that language is no longer an obstacle to communication. Standing here, we create a brilliant future for innovation and break the broader of cultural constrains. Chasing here, we build MakeX the best robotics competition in the world!

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MakeX 2020 New Season: An Ever-Updating STEAM Education System Thu, 05 Dec 2019 07:58:54 +0000 The 2019 MakeX World Championship has come to a successful conclusion on 1st December in Guangzhou, China. In such a grand ceremony which attracted worldwide attention, the brand new theme for the MakeX 2020 Season was also unveiled!

The new season, embedded with the theme of Future Vision, will display a rapidly changing world that is updated by Artificial Intelligence technology. AI tech is now being seen as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and is profoundly affecting every aspect of our daily life including transportation, industry, medical treatment, etc. As the future owners of the earth, young people have the responsibility to learn and use cutting-edge technologies to improve the living environment, which will make far-reaching significance for the future of mankind.

In terms of the competition programs, the biggest update will be the addition of the MakeX Inspire program, which is based on mTiny for 4-7 years old (detailed information will be released later). And the MakeX Premier program will not only set up the High School Group for 14-18 years old, but also the Post-Secondary Group for students from specialized college, undergrad college, and postgrad college.

MakeX Spark – Future Home

MakeX Spark is an innovation-oriented robotics hardware competition for young people of 6-13 years old. The 2020 theme of MakeX Spark is Future Home.

Participants are required to be creative and apply for proper software programming and hardware works according to the theme of the competition, and present their woks to the public. Possessing the features of easy-access and flexible form, this program will allow more young people to enhance their logical thinking abilities and engineering abilities.

MakeX Starter – Smart Links

MakeX Starter is a multitasking competition for young people of 6-16 years old. The 2020 theme of MakeX Starter is Smart Links.

Smart Links is divided into two parts: automatic stage and manual stage. Contestants can improve logical thinking by graphical programming; learn more collaborative strategy by working with their alliance; develop problem-solving skills through the implementation of electronic parts, mechanical structure and software programming.

The 2020 Season will follow the alliance system and be more focused on encouraging cooperation and communication among teammates, guiding young participants to develop teamwork spirit from an early age.

MakeX Challenge – Intelligent Innovator

MakeX Challenge is a confrontational competition for young people of 11-18 years old. The 2020 theme of MakeX Challenge is Intelligent Innovator.

In this competition there are two camps: Red Alliance and Blue Alliance. During the competition, contestants need to complete multiple missions in a certain time to obtain points, including shooting at the basket, suspending alphabet cube, attacking bottles, etc. Multiple mission design provides more possibilities to build robots and set higher requirements for strategic thinking ability for young people. Intelligent Innovator will mainly focus on improving young people’s knowledge about mechanics and abilities of logical thinking, strategical analysis and quick decision.

MakeX Premier – Ultimate Warrior

MakeX Premier is a high-antagonism and large-scale competition for young engineers over the age of 14. The 2020 theme of MakeX Premier is Ultimate Warrior.

There are two groups, High School Group targeting high school students and Post-Secondary Group designated for registered post-secondary students respectively. The competition is held between the Red Alliance and Blue Alliance. It is more challenging and interesting for contestants to build their robots and choosing their strategies in the Ultimate Warrior. Also it is encouraged for the contestants to modularize their robot structures, so as to make full use of the Modification Stage to assemble their robots faster, as well as communicate with their alliance teammates. Contestant’s application ability of high technology will be efficiently improved in this competition.

New Added Equipment – Smart Camera

The Smart Camera developed by Makeblock exclusively will be adopted for the first time in the 2020 Season. It is equipped with three major functions namely color block identification, barcode recognition, and line following. It will also support mBlock 5.0 & PixyMon 2 and be able to realize color block learning within one button.

In 2020 Season, MakeX Robotics Competition will cover six continents, 120+ countries, and will hold 300+ contests.

A brand new season, a brand new journey!

Advance Notice:

The Technical Guide for the 2020 Season will be officially released worldwide on December 10th, please stay tuned!

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Review of 2019 MakeX World Championship Wed, 04 Dec 2019 06:59:56 +0000 Once again, 2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotics Competition World Championship has been held successfully in Guangzhou Asian Games Town Gymnasium from 28th November to 1st December. This year we witnessed thousands of contestants, mentors, parents participated and enjoyed in this robotics feast for youngsters. We are beyond pleasant to announce that it is an extraordinary achievement for us to draw a perfect full stop for the 2019 MakeX World Championship.


Grand Scale

MakeX World Championship made its second show in Guangzhou with an unprecedented scale. This season we welcomed more than 450 teams consist of 2500+ students and mentors from over 60 countries competing on this unrivalled stage. Basing on the spirit of creativity, fun, teamwork, sharing, our young contestants has genuinely defined that MakeX is more than a robotics competition but also a learning platform without restrictions and boarders. On top of these data, we have attracted thousands of audience to the scene for the wonderful watch and covered around 35.5 thousands of viewers on LIVE. It is explicit that we have promoted MakeX into an international, broad-based, appealing robotics competition this year!



Other than formulating a mature system for the successful open of MakeX World Championship, we have professionally demonstrated we made high emphasis on every detail of this event. In terms of the match, we have invited an international group of referees from Thailand, Egypt, China, Malaysia, etc. With regard to the broadcasting, we have provided online LIVE, Photo LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, Huya, etc. With respect to the running commentary, we have experienced bilingual MC for exciting explanation. All in all, we have tried every effort to provide entire facilities not only for contestants but also for those who have keen interest in MakeX robotics competition. Next year, we are bound to make it better!



It is the second time for a quit great percentage of our contestants to participate in MakeX World Championship. Jacob, the captain of QAIS and a senior in high school. This year marked his final year for being a leader in MakeX since he is going to be a university student. As it is the last opportunity for him to lead his team to win, he selected Cason who is a grade 8 student to be their opeartor and guide him hand by hand to code, operate, and compete on the pitch. When asked about his team, he said it was a kind of heriatge that each team player should maintain their competitiveness and help the freshmen learn in the real practice. We believe that almost every member has the same faith to inherit their team and become more competitive in MakeX robotics competition. In addition, badges exchange is also popular among our contestants as a tradition to show their countries’ culture and charm.



From various interviews of our contestants, the most common sentences we heard are “Have fun” “Enjoy the competition” etc. Indeed, MakeX is regarded as a platform for cultural exchange and learning through robotics competition. The final aim for contestants is usually not only to win the championship but to make friends all over the world by communicating and cooperating with them in robotics confrontation. Thus, from this point of view, all of youngsters in MakeX World Championship come to have fun and enjoy the real-world practice on the basis of creativity, teamwork, fun and sharing.


2020 “Future Vision” is going to be released! Please stay tuned and we will be here waiting for you next year!

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A Perfect End: 2019 MakeX World Championship Award Ceremony Wed, 04 Dec 2019 02:03:49 +0000

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Preview of Teams in the MakeX World Championship 2.0 Mon, 25 Nov 2019 08:41:56 +0000 Here we are again for the introduction of our brilliant teams in the 2019 MakeX World Championship! This time we are going to present the snapshot of 4 teams to you and label them in accordance with their distinct features! Now come to have a look at our teams and choose which one is your favorite!


Team Name: SOLARIX

Labels: Optimism, Determination

SOLARIX consists of four students who share different hobbies but maintain a cohesive corporation within their team. Initially they met in a fateful morning but barely talked with each other since there’s always that lingering awkwardness which blocked them from approaching each other. However, through robotics competition, they grew comfortable and built trust with each other. With the age barrier broken down, the four contestants were free to share perspectives and ideas to strive for the glory. On the way to the final destination, failures were always there as obstacles, and every time they felt like flinching, they remind themselves to look at where they are, look at where they started. And finally they managed to be optimistic and determined that this is a fight they will win with a smile and lessons to share.


Team Name: Future Core

Labels: Creativity, Friendship

Full of passion and devotion toward robotic technology, these two youngsters from Turkey has made it to the World Championship with their creativity and happiness of making friends with others. You can see they made a variety of scripts for robotic programming and construction from the pictures below. Although it was tired and always took a lot of their spare time to do training, they still felt happy to do so. Although they have argument and disagreement, they still felt it helpful to know each other. Obviously, happiness drives them to the final destination and getting the champion will be the happiest time for them in the World Championship.


Team Name: Blue Phoenix

Labels: Tenacity, Communication

In western legends, the phoenix could revive from ashes. Similarly, this team from Vietnam, often makes many faults but still has a way to overcome. And that’s the reason why they give this name to their team as they never give up and always revive from the mistakes eventually. These two mettlesome boys are the owners of this immortal phoenix and they are aiming to win the crowning glory of MakeX World Championship in the name of their country. In the past, they have experienced the conflict but they always listen to each other to make it better. With such a tacit understanding, let’s witness if they could take the jewel from the crown!

The following video is the introduction of “Blue Phoenix” with its friend team “Unknown Players”, which also comes from Vietnam. All the four boys are happy and excited for the upcoming big event of robotics competition. Now, let’s watch what they expressed in this video.


Team Name:Yellow Cat

Labels: Experience, Balance

There are two contestants in this team—Yehor and Tymofii. They are going to represent Ukraine at MakeX World Championship for the first time. Tymofii is a calm person while Yehor is much more an emotional person, and that’s why they build a “balance team” in terms of their characteristics. As two talented, brave and fearless youngsters, they have won a lot of titles and champions in worldwide robotics competitions. Unlike their team name “Yellow Cat”, it seems that they are two lions, with their power and experience astonishing you. So stay curious for their unrivalled performance.


Please pay more attention if you would like to know more about our teams in the World Championship. For your convenience, please follow our official account on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube for LIVE and get focused!

Facebook: MakeX

Instagram: makex_official

Twitter: MakeX

Youtube: MakeXofficial

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Preview of Our Teams in the MakeX World Championship Wed, 20 Nov 2019 07:06:34 +0000 Wondering which teams will show up in the MakeX World Championship and how did they get qualified through all the stress and difficulties? Now, please shift your attention into this blog and have an overall picture of 3 teams in our World Championship.

Instinct Force

As the old saying goes, “Rely on blood brothers when fighting a tiger and your own army in battles”. Instinct Force from the New York consists of three members, a son, a daughter and their father as a mentor. It is a versatile family. They love books, animals, video games and they take MakeX seriously. Indeed, they got really serious about their work in robotics competition when they were talking and debating how to enable their robot perfect. Thanks to the respectable support from their father, these two adorable kids have overcome all the obstacles and won the final ticket to the world-level robotics competition. Being asked what the happiest thing is in the participation, the daughter said “I guess I will be happier if we got the first place”. Now let’s look forward to their excellent performance in Guangzhou and wish them good luck!

The Dollars

“No matter how hard it is, just keep going because you only fail when you give up”. The Dollars from Chile has profoundly defined this wisdom. A day before the MakeX competition held in Chile, two team members got stressed out and wanted to resign. Their mentor asked their head teachers to talk to them and convince them to participate because the most significant thing of competition is the experience of having a good time. And eventually, they did it and made it to the world championship with such a right serenity. You can’t say success are only determined by luck and coincidence. Once you have made up your mind to do something, then you are bound to harvest the fruit. Similarly, almost all of our contestants have experienced the dismay and pain, but The Dollars have demonstrated a standard example for all of us.


SAPERE AUDE, which means dare to know in Latin, is one of the most well-prepared teams in the MakeX Robotics Competition held in Croatia. This team consists of two sisters with one mentor and is self-driven through the pursuing of learning and exceeding themselves. Nika and Jonna, definitely two talented and experienced winners in series of Robotics Competitions, are regarded as the strong competitors for the prize in the MakeX World Championship. From the self-introduction profile, SAPERE AUDE shows so many kinds of innovation and creativity in robotic programming scheme. Apparently, with a strong ambition and capability, we believe that their performance in the MakeX World Championship won’t let you down!

Do you expect the splendid performance of our contestants and more detailed information of our diverse teams? Follow our official account on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube for LIVE and stay tuned!

Facebook: MakeX

Instagram: makex_official

Twitter: MakeX

Youtube: MakeXofficial

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Exclusive First Look on The 2019 MakeX World Championship Mon, 18 Nov 2019 11:04:14 +0000 After months of adequate preparation, our official staff are exceedingly pleasant to announce that we get fully ready for our World Championship held from 28th November to 1st December. Now we would like to offer you some stunning statistics with regard to our MakeX Robotics Competition and MakeX World Championship!

This year, MakeX has expanded to over 60 countries with more than 10000 teams competing on our unparalleled stages. On top of that, we have spread our principle and spirit of creativity and innovation to the six continents with near 160 cities. An increasing number of our contestants in Turkey, The Philippines, Malaysia, India, The US expressed that they were really enjoying the technology feast and all of them were aiming to win the qualification to the World Championship held in Guangzhou. With such a high expectation, almost 450 teams from all over the world is more likely to show the world a dreamily and vehement visual fantasy!

Since we are looking forward to such a fabulous event, you may wonder how can we prepare it with our current facilities. Now I’m beyond excited to tell you that we are going to make an all-round usage of the majestic gymnasium with the visual effect of Artificial intelligence. During the competition days in Asian Games Town Gymnasium (Guangzhou, China), the arena with 5000 square meters will be filled with more than 2500+ students and mentors as well as 10000 spectators experiencing the fervent atmosphere. In addition to the spectacular competition ground, our Championship will be broadcasted live on YouTube. Professional bilingual MCs will be there for you and transmit the most wonderful moments of the competition to all parts of the world. Explicitly, you can see what an elaborate preparation we have done!

Apparently, it won’t be a long wait for us to reunion with our contestants with new faces as there are only ten days to go. Before the World Championship, we have collected the interviews and introductions of their own feelings and aims, which are quite motivating and touching. Through the joy and tears, our brave youngsters and their respectable mentors have genuinely defined what teamwork and friendship is. One of our contestants from Vietnam said, “Previously we are not familiar with each other, but after days of learning and training, I began to realize that he is really a guy to trust and work with. Though we also have different opinions leads to disagreement, but we always listen to each other to make it better.” Through the pain and fulfilment, our adamant contestants have represented what is “after suffering comes happiness.” One of the members in “The Dollars” from Chile said “We laughed, we learned, we stressed and finally we had a great time!’ Thus we believe, MakeX is indeed a commendable opportunity for our participants to meet new people, build new friendship and make a better progress in robotic technology.

Given that the waiting time is quickly running out, please warm up to get ready with your every possible channel for watching and sharing! We will be in Guangzhou on 28th November for your participation!

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2019 MakeX World Championship Roadshow Nomination List Fri, 15 Nov 2019 09:43:16 +0000 After the comprehensive assessment from the Annual Awards Judge Panel, the following teams or individuals are nominated to the 2019 MakeX World Championship Roadshow:

1.MakeX Spirit Award

Team Number Team Name Nation/Region
X208001 Limac Team Peru Peru
X13005 Meiya Union Shandong, China
X225001 IsoMecanum Singapore

2.Opensource Innovation Award

Team Number Team Name Nation/Region
X184022 Sarawak Red Team Malaysia
X160002 The Cross Indonesia
X04001 Dongsheng Team Chongqing, China

3.Promoting Ambassador Award

Applicant Name Nation/Region
Chaels Stanlly Andi Rony Malaysia
Congfei Jin Anhui, China

4.Outstanding Mentor Award

Applicant name Nation/Region
Norman Navarette Indonesia
Mazlan Muhamad Yusof Malaysia
Liangchen Guan Shandong, China
Qingbo Zeng Shandong, China

Congratulations to all the nominated teams or individuals above! The roadshow list is not the final winner list. If there is no proper candidate, the award may be reserved. The MakeX Committee staff will contact all the nominees within one week, please keep the phone and email in contact.


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Missions of 2019 MakeX National Championship – Mumbai, India Fri, 01 Nov 2019 08:26:47 +0000 2019 MakeX National Championship – Mumbai, India,will be held at Euro School, Plot No. 9A, Sector – 19, Ahead of Abhyudaya Bank, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400708, on November 09-10th, 2019.

  • Program: MakeX-Starter & Challenge
  • Group: Elementary Group & Intermediate Group

The missions for this competition are as follows:

Elementary Group

Independent Mission

M01 Energy Saving Switch

M03 Aging Power Plant

M06 Obstacle Removal

Alliance Mission

M08 Forest planting

M09 City Party

M10 Garbage Recycling


For detailed description and scoring standards about missions shown above, please check City Guardian Guide and read in details.


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Missions of 2019 MakeX Robotics Competition – Argentina Thu, 31 Oct 2019 01:40:05 +0000 2019 MakeX Robotics Competition – Argentina will be held at Costa Calguero Convention Center, Buenos Aires on Nov 11th.

Program: MakeX-Starter City Guardian

Group: Elementary Group

Independent Missions:

M02: Charging Station

M04: Chimney Dismantling

M06: Obstacle Removal

Alliance Missions:

M07: Waste Sorting

M09: City Party

M10: Garbage Recycling

For detailed description and scoring standards about missions shown above, please check City Guardian Guide and read in details.


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